Gardens today can be an extension of the home used for both entertaining and relaxing, even when the sun is in hiding. There are simple things you can do to ensure that your garden is ready to accommodate your needs year-round. Exterior lighting can extend daylight hours as well as lend the right atmosphere to all fresco evening dining. Twilight switches turn on exterior lights as natural light falls. Occupancy sensors can kick in as you go in and out of the house. And all-weather socket outlets and switches can keep you plugged in safely.

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Outdoors protected switch
Sunset Switches
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Waterproof switches provide further protection from electric shock in case a family member touches a switch using wet hands. These products are ideal for outdoor applications.
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By using a light sensor, sunset switches will turn lights on once the natural illumination drops below a certain level. Ideal for bulkheads lights, paths and driveways, as they automatically adjust for changes in season or daylight savings. Some also feature inbuilt timers for even greater savings potential.
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Schneider Electrics 754 Outdoor Infrascan range provides a stylish new look and design in additional to the following features. Each motion sensor unit comes complete with integrated lamps, and is available in spotlight, twinspot and floodlight configurations. Great for welcoming guests and deterring criminal activities.754 Infrascan sensor lights and accessories provide convenience and peace-of-mind to any homeowner and support saving energy at the same time.
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