Wiser Home Control

Wiser Home Control
Wiser - Touch screen colour

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Wiser Home Control truly integrates your electrical, multimedia and telecommunications technologies into one single user-friendly, scalable, and interoperable solution - enabling you to monitor, control and access your home beyond physical boundaries at anytime, anywhere, on your mobile phone, computer, door entry system, web tablet… with the same intuitive graphic interface.


How it Works?

Wiser Home Control makes technologies in your home easy by providing seamless control of music, home theatre, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, security systems… you name it.  The user-friendly intuitive graphic user interface is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn across different control devices.  Out-of-home function enables you to control, monitor and access your home when you are away. The Power Monitoring function gives you a real time visualization of your energy usage at home and facilities green living. Wiser Home Control brings you comfort and convenience, home entertainment, peace of mind and connectivity that are fully integrated in the palm of your hand.

Where should you consider to use it?

The system can be used in one or two rooms, or put through the entire home. We have developed pre-programmed packs that provide entry level control across two or three rooms, with the ability to add to it if you require it now or in the future.

Function Options

Bus Dimmer  Bus Relay   C-Bus Occupancy Sensor  Multi Room Audio Handheld Remote Control  Home Controller  Key Input DLT Wallplate (ULTI) 
> Bus Dimmer > Bus Relay > C-Bus Occupancy Sensor > Multi Room Audio > Handheld Remote Control > Home Controller > Key Input DLT Wallplate (eDLT)
Thermostat Occupancy Sensor Touch Screen Color Touch Screen Mono  
> Thermostat > Occupancy Sensor > Touch Screen
> Touch Screen
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