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Saturn Zen – The Beauty of Simplicity

Saturn Zen – The Beauty of Simplicity
Saturn Zen - PDL by Schneider Electric

The stylish, understated design of Saturn Zen™ complements any modern or architectural interior, to create a beautiful balance throughout your home.

Your Complete Switch Solution

Whether you require wall switches, power outlets, data outlets, USB chargers, fan controllers, dimmers or cooker switches — Saturn Zen combines form and function to create a complete switch solution for your home.

LED Push-Button Switches

Thanks to Saturn Zen LED Switches you’ll always know which switch is in operation. Designed with a small elegant pinhole in the switch, Saturn Zen LED indicators give off just enough light so you can find the switch easily in the dark.

LED Backlit Pictograms

  With our latest Saturn Zen range we have made it even easier to identify switches, with our pictograms – simple and stylish icons that depict what the switch activates. The subtle LED backlight shines just enough light through to see the pictogram icons in the dark and with 50 pictogram designs to pick from – you will know exactly what you are switching on.

 Smart Shelf for Smart Devices

Keep your smart devices safe and cables tidy with this handy charger shelf. Designed to hold two smartphones or one tablet, the Saturn Zen Charger Shelf is ideal for bedrooms, lounges and kitchen areas.



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