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Have questions? We have included some frequently asked questions and answers below.

If it’s not covered here, please try our online FAQ service or call our customer care team on 0800 568 888.

Q: Do you have a retail store?
No, however you can view our products at our fully interactive experience zones in Auckland and Christchurch, and a number of our partners have display areas around the country. To find out more visit our   Where to Buy or View section

Q: Where can I find electricians that can install your products into my home?
If you do not already have an electrician associated with your building project you can find a list of electricians on our Where to Buy or View section of our website

Q: Where do I find more technical information?
For PDL products check out the Trade section of www.pdl.co.nz, for Clipsal check out the Trade section of  www.Clipsal.com, or check out the browse FAQ link on this page

Q: Are your dimmers compatible with LED lighting?
Our LED and trailing edge dimmers are the best option with LED lighting, but performance cannot be guaranteed and may vary due to changes from LED manufacturers. If there is a compatibility issue we do sell a load correction device (31LCDA) designed to correct the load. (check also with the LED manufacturer to confirm the dimmer is compatible).

Q: Is the blue LED in your light switches optional?
Yes. They can be wired to indicate when the switch is ON, or when the switch is OFF, or not at all. Please discuss the configuration of this with your electrician.

Q. What ranges have illuminated light switch options?
Saturn, Saturn Zen, Saturn Horizon, Strato and Modena ranges all have elements that light up the switch, which you can configure ON or OFF depending on your preference.

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